Get Your Sea Legs


Finally, the extreme ups and downs have subsided. All I want to do is put my head down and plow through this process as fast as possible, but it seems like it might be a better idea to spend a few days figuring out what the hell job searching in the 21st century is all about. I get the sense things have changed a bit since I did this last. This Project Tugboat thing seems to offer some sound advice, so I guess I’ll start there.

I was beginning to get worried about my finances, so I spent a morning trying to understand how much time I have until things get desperate. I finally think I have my head around how unemployment benefits and healthcare insurance factor into this mess as well. There might even be some ways to give myself some breathing room by changing old spending habits (ahem, sorry Starbucks, you might not be getting my daily $7 anymore).

I still don’t feel great, but getting all of this in order is making me feel less anxious. I’ve come up with a line to break out when people ask me “So, what is it that you do?” (I never realized how often we ask that question!). I’ve also sent a few emails to others I know going through this experience – nothing fancy or long. It’s just nice to know I’m not alone and have a few people to bounce ideas off of.

Yesterday, I even took a quick pass at typing out some short updates to my resume (that is, after I finally found where the stupid thing was saved on my computer). I don’t really see the point in sinking more time into it right now, but just wanted something to have on hand incase. You never know, right?


  • Getting oriented to the journey ahead by developing realistic expectations

  • Understanding your finances at a high level

  • Developing a way to communicate your situation

  • Sending some emails off to people in similar situations

  • Taking a quick pass at writing / updating your resume

Chris Rudnicki