Stay the Course



I probably start to get a few call-backs at this point. Just first round screening interviews—nothing to write home about—but progress nonetheless. I’m nervous in the beginning (who wouldn’t be after months out of work?), but after that first call I hear myself speaking more confidently. I’m finally getting my flow back.

As the occasional interview breaks up my daily routine, my healthy habits may start to slip. I feel myself starting to oscillate emotionally with the outcomes of my latest interview. I decide to check out a local support group of people like me in similar circumstances. I realized midway through the first session that even though this process hasn’t been easy for me, it’s certainly been a lot harder for others. I try and help members of my group where I can. I tell them about Project Tugboat and just try and listen as they divulge their trials and tribulations. It’s unexpected, but it feels nice to be a steady hand for others once a week. I think I’ll keep going.

Things at home are pretty good, all-things-considered, but the finance stuff still looms. We’ve had to consider some pretty big life changes in the event something doesn’t materialize soon. These aren’t easy conversations, but we were able to leverage a couple’s therapist to help us navigate them. Thankfully, we are back on track and happier than we’ve been in a long time.

My job search rolls steadily on. I make sure to always have a few irons in the fire without getting too tied to any one thing. Sticking to my routine has helped me maintain a consistent sense of progress. I may not have figured out my next job yet, but I look and feel better than I have in years. I’m not overly optimistic or pessimistic—I’m somewhere comfortably in between. “Realistic” is probably the best way to describe it. It could be a few weeks or even months before the light finally breaks through, but that’s okay. I’m ready for the journey ahead.


  • Seeking out new forms of support as you’ve needed it

  • Sticking to your plan

Chris Rudnicki