The Hard Reality



Hmm...things are taking longer than I expected. The Hard Reality of this experience is starting to set in. Why haven’t the applications I submitted online even been acknowledged? I sent off my resume and cover letters to five positions that were absolutely perfect for me — surely I should have heard back by now.

Is it possible I didn’t update my resume and LinkedIn profile correctly? This whole process seems so different from the last time I looked for a job. Don’t get me wrong— I knew I might have to do some digging, but this? I didn’t expect this! I’m a competent professional with decades of experience at the peak of my career. How is it that opportunities haven’t just found me at this point?!

Things aren’t great on the home front either. I’m starting to have trouble getting out of my pajamas some mornings. I recognize I’m starting to form some bad habits, but I just can’t seem to help myself from falling into them. And there’s a point nearly every day when I start to think about all of the money we’re spending and all of the money I’m not making... I have a little bit of breathing room on that front now, but that breathing room is disappearing fast.

My spouse and I are both feeling the stress. I hear myself giving the same tight-lipped response every time I’m asked if there was any good news today. Annoyance has started creeping into both of our voices in those exchanges. My sleep is starting to go as well. I have no idea what to do next and this just feels terrible.

what You may be feeling

  • Anxious

  • Scared

  • Confused


  • Avoiding difficult realities of your circumstances

  • Sinking into unhealthy daily habits

  • Withdrawing from loved ones and friends

Chris Rudnicki