The Breaking Point



I’ve reach it: The Breaking Point. If one more person asks me how the job search is going or what I’ve done today, I’m going to snap. This just isn’t fair. I find myself uncharacteristically lashing out at my family, pushing those that remain close to me further and further away. Nothing I do feels like it is helping. I’m not proud of the person I’m becoming, but I can’t seem to avoid it. I know I should change things, but I can’t.

Most of my job search at this point is sitting at the computer, spending hours on end looking at job boards and going down internet rabbit roles—half-reading articles and message boards with posts from other frustrated and lost souls. I’m at my wits’ end here.

My financial life feels like it’s in ruins too. All my savings and the security I’ve worked so hard for over the years are in serious jeopardy. How can this be happening to me? I did everything right! The system is rigged against someone like me.

My eyes are completely open at this point to all the biases that companies unapologetically use against me (It’s my age! My race! My gender! My pay-grade!). How dare my previous employer treat me the way they did! I just feeling like screaming!

What you may be feeling

  • Angered

  • Pessimistic

  • Withdrawn


  • Not seeking emotional support

  • Not embracing a realistic view of your own role in this situation

  • Using unhealthy habits to temporarily ease the pain

Chris Rudnicki