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quick-start guide to career Interruptions

Let’s get started.

Career transitions can be overwhelming. This guide gives you the basics for understanding what lies ahead and how best to get through it.

Starting in 2018, Project Tugboat set out to examine both what hinders and what helps professionals as they make their way through career interruptions. We collected the perspectives of unemployed individuals, career coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, academics, and HR professionals. Our aim was simple: find ways to empower you to better navigate your journey back to work.

The results of that effort are this guide.

We are constantly revisiting and reconsidering the ideas presented here. When new realities of HR practices, labor markets, and behavioral health emerge, we will incorporate them into the frameworks and content shared on this page.

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1. What can I expect?

The journey through unexpected unemployment and back to work can be daunting. Career interruptions in the 21st century can leave individuals feeling at sea - lost, unprepared, and overwhelmed. What follows are seven "deadly seas" - or phases - that individuals often experience while unemployed.

Each journey through unexpected unemployment is unique. You may experience all of these phases or just a few of them. They may come in different orders or be repeated. While the path through these phases is always different, the pitfalls and challenges associated with each phase are consistent. Can you see yourself in these deadly seas?


2. Is there a better way?

Career interruptions in the 21st century aren't just about managing the tactical aspects of the job search, they are also about managing yourself. What follows is a path through unexpected unemployment that addresses both the tactical and the psychological aspects of the journey back to work.

This path relies on acceptance, exploration, and connection to avoid common pitfalls. It's simply "a better way" forward than braving the "deadly seas" of most career transitions.


3. What else should I know?

Plenty. We’ve selected a handful of the topics from the Project Tugboat library that every job seeker should be aware of.


I feel like I need some more help…

No worries, that’s why we’re here.

Our services are specifically designed to help make your career interruption a little less daunting. We have developed an outcomes-based approach to getting you back to work faster and with less stress.

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