10 Job Leads

Tangible progress in your job search, delivered on-demand.

What is it?

After answering a short survey, we will send you 5 publicly available job postings within 24 hours tailored specifically to you. After confirming the relevancy of those 5 job postings, we will send you 5 more.

How is it different?

Project Tugboat leverages the most advanced labor market intelligence technology available to scour the web for job openings that are relevant to you. This means that we not only look at all the obvious online job boards like Monster, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, but we look at all the job descriptions that never make it to those job boards. It gives you the reassurance that you haven’t missed that perfect job opening.

Who is it good for?

Anyone struggling with their job search and in need of help finding that next batch of opportunities to apply for.

price: $49