Job Seeker Services

what are they?

Are you going through a career interruption right now or see one coming? Feeling stuck? Wondering how to maintain progress and feel good doing so?

Project Tugboat offers a suite of services that are designed specifically to get you back to work faster with less stress. We know a lot about what makes people tick and what it takes to find a new job. This combination yields support services that make navigating your career a whole lot easier.

Who are they for?

Our services are optimized for professionals that are dealing with a recent layoff or managing an impending break in employment. Whether you’re a full-time employee or independent contractor managing the gig life, you’ve come to the right place.

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Independent contractors and other gig workers

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Professionals that have been laid off or let go


Current Offerings


Tugboat support (subscription)

Regular support and guidance from our team of experts, delivered via the Tugboat Platform. Our online curriculum leverages evidence-based self-assessments and mini-lessons lead you through the hardest parts of your career interruption. This curriculum is then combined with different levels of direct and customized support from our career experts. What you get is progress and confidence.

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10 Job Leads

After answering a short survey, we will send you 5 publicly available job postings within 24 hours tailored specifically to you. After confirming the relevancy of those 5 job postings, we will send you 5 more. It’s tangible progress on your job search, delivered on-demand.

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1:1 Orientation Session

Spend an hour discussing your case with us. We’ll get you up to speed on what to expect, what to embrace, and what to avoid on the path ahead. After the conversation, we’ll send you a customized set of materials designed to set you up for success while you find your next gig.

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1:1 Q&A Session

Spend a half an hour getting some advice from us. Topics range from job searching tips, to wellness strategies, to career management. All of our advice is tailored specifically to you and your case. Stump us and we’ll follow up. Don’t dwell on not knowing ever again.

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Group Session passes

Learn about how to make the best of your career transition alongside a handful of other job seekers in local sessions facilitated by us. We’ll pick the places and the people — you pick the topics. Get out of the house and start feeling less isolated and more confident.