How It Works

The evidence-based program job seekers deserve.


Our Program

Our digital support program provides unemployed professionals with the tools and guidance they need to get back to meaningful work faster and with less stress.

Each component of the program is built with evidence-based insights from behavioral science.

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Interactive Lessons

A 10-day intensive orientation helps participants make small changes to habits, mindsets, and expectations


Job Seeker Toolbox

A curated library of 3rd party resources as well as Project Tugboat job searching and career transition guides keeps participants informed

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Community Of Peers

An online community of peers provides the support, accountability, and motivation that participants need to thrive


What our users are saying…

Project Tugboat is groundbreaking for all the right reasons.
— Tom (48, nonprofit executive)
Highly recommend taking the course to anyone out there looking for an extra nudge!
— Ellen (30, event manager)
Project Tugboat provided a great jolt of inspiration during a difficult time of transition.
— Jessica (36, operations consultant)
Great course! Actually learned a lot about myself. I feel like it really helped me.
— Gregory (56, safety manager)


Program Availability

Access to the Project Tugboat program is currently available to employers considering layoffs.

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We sell to employers…

Employers pay a one-time, per-user fee for each of their outgoing employees participating in the Project Tugboat program.


so outgoing employees can have access…

Program participants are provided with login credentials immediately after their employer sponsors them.

until they find a new job.

Participants have full access to the tools and resources of the program until they find a new job. No exceptions.