Give them what they need.

And lower the cost of layoffs.


Layoffs happen, but don’t leave your employees at sea.

With Project Tugboat’s career transition guidance, you can give employees a head start on navigating the difficult journey back to work.

Do the right thing and help displaced employees get back to work faster and with less stress.



Our Program

Your outgoing employees are provided with access to our fully-digital career transition guidance for the entire duration of their unemployment. Our program includes:

interactive lessons.jpg

Interactive Lessons

A 10-day intensive orientation to the job-searching journey leverages evidence-based practices from behavioral science to help participants make small changes to habits, mindsets, and expectations.


Job Seeker Toolbox

A curated library of 3rd party resources as well as proprietary job-searching and career-transition guides keeps participants informed.

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Community Of Peers

An online community of peers provides the support, accountability, and motivation that participants need to thrive.

Our Customers

Our employer customers are typically in the process of considering layoffs (or just announced them) and range from SMBs to Enterprises. Benefits include:

Increased Morale

Layoffs are devastating for outgoing employees as well as those that remain. That devastation can negatively affect productivity and employee wellbeing. Sleep easy knowing your outgoing employees have the help they need.


Increased Protection

Offering outgoing employees some form of career transition guidance can decrease both the probability of layoff-related lawsuits and the probability of negative online employer reviews.

Increased Savings

Along with the potential savings that stem from a lower probability of lawsuits, Project Tugboat can decrease an employer’s unemployment insurance taxes in future years by helping to limit contributions paid out in the current year.




How is Project Tugboat priced?

Employers pay a one-time, per-user fee for each outgoing employee participating in the Project Tugboat program. We know HR budgets are tight, that’s why we’ve designed our program to be the most affordable career transition guidance on the market.

Don’t I already pay for job assistance for my outgoing employees through unemployment insurance taxes?

Yes, all employers pay both federal and state taxes that fund unemployment insurance programs. However, while the job assistance provided through UI programs provides job seekers with some important guidance, it neglects some as well.

While such assistance can often help with tactical job-searching challenges like resume editing and cover letter writing, it rarely provides guidance on how to effectively navigate the social and emotional challenges of unemployment that often represent the biggest hurdles for job seekers. Our program was specifically designed to address that shortcoming.

How is this different than private outplacement services?

There are many private outplacement options available to employers. These services can provide everything from low-cost resume editing and job board access to high-touch, one-on-one career counseling. While these services can be helpful, like their publicly-funded counterparts they often lack an explicit focus on the biggest challenges job seekers face.

Furthermore, even the cheapest outplacement options can cost employers several hundred dollars per-user. For employers still interested in outplacement options, the Project Tugboat program can be an affordable and valuable complimentary benefit for displaced employees.