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Employer Services

What are they?

Outplacement benefits, updated for the 21st century job seeker.

We are a full-service, technology-enabled solution that guides the job seeker through the ups and downs of one of life’s most difficult experiences. Our evidence-based curriculum and guidance leverages a unique combination of labor market intelligence, behavioral science, and human-centered support.

Who are they for?

SMBs and Enterprises considering benefits for outgoing employees.

We offer services to both SMB and Enterprise employers that care deeply about both the current and future well-being of their employees.

Just what can our employer services do you for?


How are they different?

Unlike traditional outplacement offerings, Project Tugboat offers more than just tactical job-searching advice. We combine a deep understanding of labor markets with an expertise in applied behavioral science. We take all of that knowledge and bundle it into a comprehensive digital behavior change program that combines both our proprietary curriculum and unprecedented support.

The combination yields career guidance that actually helps outgoing employees through the toughest parts of the job search not just the tactical steps. With Project Tugboat, job seekers get guidance through the turbulent social-emotional challenges that typically hold them back. They learn how to make small changes to daily habits and adjust expectations about their futures. All of this means they get back to meaningful work faster with less stress.

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How do they work?

Our digital behavior change program provides professionals with the tools and support they need to get back to meaningful work faster and with less stress. Our program leverages evidence-based interventions to help unemployed professionals change both behaviors and mindsets through four key steps:


1. Measure

We collect data about your professional experience, personality, and personal goals to customize a path forward to your next job


2. Lessons

Weekly interactive lessons help you make small changes to daily habits that build up to giant leaps forward in your journey back to work

3. Coach

We match you with a professional career coach that can provide you with feedback, encouragement, and personalized guidance that fits your needs


4. Peers

We match you with a community of professionals just like you for the support, accountability, and motivation you need to thrive

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