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Care deeply about your current and outgoing employees? Want to offer them a benefit beyond traditional outplacement services? Want them to not only find a next job but feel supported, confident, and in control while doing so?

You’ve come to the right place.

Project Tugboat offers a suite of career transition services that are designed specifically to get your outgoing employees back to work faster with less stress and better placement outcomes. It’s simply the better way to care about your people.

We combine a deep understanding of labor markets with expertise in both tactical hiring practices and applied behavioral science. The combination yields support services that lower the probability of costly negative employer reviews and employee lawsuits. It also gives you the ability to assure your current employee that their out-going co-workers are well supported.

We offer services to employers that care deeply about both the current and future well-being of their employees. Are you an employer considering layoffs? Want to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain independent contractors? Project Tugboat offers support services that

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