Guiding professionals back to work.

Project Tugboat is radically changing how professionals experiencing unemployment find their way back to work.

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How it works

Our digital behavior change program provides professionals with the tools and support they need to get back to meaningful work faster and with less stress.


1. Measure

We collect data about your professional experience, personality, and personal goals to customize a path forward to your next job

2. Lessons

Weekly interactive lessons help you make small changes to daily habits that build up to giant leaps forward in your journey back to work

3. Coach

We match you with a professional career coach that can provide you with feedback, encouragement, and personalized guidance that fits your needs


4. Peers

We match you with a community of professionals just like you for the support, accountability, and motivation you need to thrive


Helping job seekers, creating value for employers.

Project Tugboat offers resources for job seekers and an innovative alternative to traditional outplacement for employers.

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 What users are saying


“Great course! Actually learned a lot about myself. I feel like it really helped me.”

—Gregory (56 years old; safety manager; Corpus Christi, TX)

“Project Tugboat is groundbreaking for all the right reasons.”

—Tom (48 years old; nonprofit executive; Washington D.C.)

“Project Tugboat provided a great jolt of inspiration during a difficult time of transition.”

—Jessica (36 years old; Operations Consultant; Oakland, CA)

“Highly recommend taking the course to anyone out there looking for an extra nudge!”

—Ellen (30 years old; Event Manager; San Francisco, CA)

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Explore job seeker resources by topic


We aren’t the only ones with useful things to say about the journey back to work. Explore the stories of others in the Project Tugboat community.


The journey back to work can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Find guidance on how to overcome a major hurdle of job hunting: yourself.


Wondering how to update your resume or cover letter? Confused about applicant tracking systems or how to talk to recruiters? You’ve come to the right place.


While we too wished money grew on trees, a little sound advice and early action can go along way to helping you stay financially afloat during your career interruption.